UMM Positions

District President
Job Description

The District President of United Methodist Men should organize the district committee on United Methodist Men to paragraph 645 in the 2012 of the United Methodist Church. Selection of the District President should be accomplished according to the process of selection determined in each district and/or by the annual conference. Selection of District Presidents should be based upon the following traits demonstrated in his life:

  1. Honesty, humility, and have a desire to encourage and help others grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. Willing to set aside personal agenda for the Kingdom agenda.
  3. Growing in his relationship with God through regular prayer, Bible study and worship attendance.
  4. Mature enough to have an orderly life, yet flexible enough to consider new and innovative approaches to men’s ministry.
  5. Willing to find answers to the following questions,
  1. Where are we going as a District United Methodist Men’s group?
  2. How are we going to get there?
  3. What are the needs of the men in my district?
  4. What will it take to achieve district UMMen goals?
  1. Committed to strengthening United Methodist Men at every level.
  2. Practices the principles of servant leadership.
  3. Works closely with the leadership of the conference UMM.
  4. Coordinate effectively with the staff of the General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM) for retreats, events and programs involving staff members from the national office.
  5. Actively promote EMS memberships, in so doing supporting men’s ministry through Evangelism, Mission and Spiritual growth.
  6. Experience with the structure and organization of UMMen and the UMC is highly desirable.

Specific Responsibilities of the District President of United Methodist Men include:


  1. Work with local units of UMM developing programs meeting the needs of men.
  2. Promote the objectives and programs of the GCUMM.
  3. Encourage and support spiritual growth, mission, outreach, prayer, evangelism and faith development.


  1. ANNUAL CHARTER AND EMS GOALS-it is the responsibility of the District President of United Methodist Men, working with the local presidents of United Methodist Men as well as the GCUMM, to set and achieve annual district goals in the following categories;
  1. New Charters
  2. New EMS
  3. Renewed Charters
  4. Renewed EMS
  5. Lapsed Charters (How many can we get to renew?)
  6. Lapsed EMS (How many can we get to renew?)

District Presidents in coordination with Conference Presidents should determine goals for their districts. An annual report on goals and strategies utilized to reach goals and results of the efforts made, should be submitted to the Conference President (The GCUMM staff offer help in the production of conference and district reports). Successful strategies will be complied and shared with all District Presidents.


  • ENCOURAGE AND EQUIP LOCAL CHURCH PRESIDENTS OF UNITED METHODIST MEN-The District President of United Methodist Men should encourage and where possible help resource the local church presidents of United Methodist Men. Working closely with local leadership the District President should help fill every vacancy within United Methodist Men on a local church level. Where District Presidents are asked to select local leadership for UMM, care should be taken that the local leader conforms to the responsibilities described in the Job Description for Local United Methodist Men leaders document. Working closely with the GCUMM staff and the Conference President, the District President should help equip the local church presidents as needed.
  • RECRUIT LEADERS TO ATTEND NATIONAL, REGIONAL AND CONFERENCE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES-The District President has the responsibility to make sure that he attends leader UMM training events either on a national, regional or local level. The GCUMM staff may be called upon to help District Presidents in planning district training and retreat events.
  • COMMUNICATE DISTRICT AND LOCAL CHURCH PLANS FOR UMM-The District President should be in regular communication with the men of the local churches in his district about the plans, goals, programs and resources available for the men of the church. This can be achieved by regularly contributing to a conference UMM newsletter, a regular article on UMM in the district newspaper, an e-mail or fax based newsletter, part of a district laity/clergy newsletter and working with the staff of the GCUMM to develop a communication strategy. Each district president should have an Annual Report ready to present yearly at his or her district conference, or equivalent district structure. It is also the district president’s responsibility to see that United Methodist Men are represented at the district meetings. Whenever possible, the district president should given an oral and/or written report at appropriate district meetings. Resources for communication pieces can be obtained through the GCUMM.
  • MEET REGULARLY WITH LOCAL CHURCH PRESIDENTS, DISTRICT UMM EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES AND DISTRICT SCOUTING, PRAYER, HUNGER, AND STEWARDSHIP ADVOCATES AND COORDINATORS-The District President must be intentional in scheduling regular meetings and contacts with the UMM leadership within his district. At least twice a year is recommended, once a quarter is preferred.
  • RECRUIT AND PROMOTE ATTENDANCE AT ALL EVENTS HELD IN THE CONFERENCE, DISTRICT AND EVERY QUADRENNIAL CONGRESS OF UNITED METHODIST MEN-It is a major responsibility of the District President of United Methodist Men working in coordination with the conference president of United Methodist Men to promote and recruit men (lay and clergy) to attend all district and conference events as well as the quadrennial Congress on United Methodist Men. Each conference president will work with the district presidents to help achieve goals assigned to each district. The district goals will help the conference to reach the overall conference goal. The GCUMM staff will be available to assist conference and district presidents with the establishment and implementation of their goals.
  • ENSURE THAT ALL UNITED METHODIST MEN’S DISTRICT ACTIVITIES RELATE TO THE COMMON PURPOSE OF UNITED METHODIST MEN-The district programs should use this purpose as the basis for its events, training, mission and priority making decisions.


  1. ATTENDANCE AT MEETINGS OF THE CONFERENCE UNITED METHODIST MEN’S LEADERSHIP-District Presidents are expected to be in regular attendance at meetings called by the conference president of United Methodist Men. District Presidents are expected to implement programs that are approved by the National Association of Conference Presidents, the UMM annual conference leadership team and the GCUMM. The GCUMM staff is available to assist District Presidents in the implementation of programs.