Igniting Faith Retreat Evaluation for 2016 

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Why Do Men Go To The Igniting Faith Retreat?

Each year, the men who attended Igniting Faith Retreat are asked to fill out an evaluation form that aids in the planning of future retreats.  Men have the opportunity to put in their own words what Igniting Faith means to them or why they come.  These are some of the responses we have collected from those attending the Annual Igniting Faith Retreat:

  • “I believe that every Christian and non-Christian should have a chance to experience this awesome opportunity.”
  • “It is a great chance to grow men in Christ”, “God is in this place!”
  • “Everything, every part of the weekend was great, and I received many blessings from this retreat.”
  • “We need this type of event more and more in today’s world.”
  • “Others could benefit from the sermons, the workshops, and anointed worship as I have.”
  • “This weekend was an amazing combination of religious insight, depth, and evangelism.”
  • “We need more men to be involved with the Church more.”
  • “It’s a benefit to my church and a blessing to the soul.”
  • “This experience taught me more about myself and a little more about the Lord, which is always exciting.”
  • “This is an uplifting, reinvigorating, inspiring gathering that fills my heart and soul with the loving Spirit of God with everlasting cherished memories that I can share with others.”
  • “I believe in the power and encouragement received among like minded Christian men through prayer, fellowship, and exploring God’s holy word.”
  • “The weekend gives men a chance to learn from other men who not only know the Lord, but also have been through some of the same life experiences and have received wisdom from God on how to deal with them.”
  • “It is an event all men NEED to experience!”

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