Sue_Haupert-JohnsonNorth Georgia Conference
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson 
Resident Bishop North Georgia Area
4511 Jones Bridge Circle, NW
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
(678) 533-1360   bishop(at)ngumc.org
Chris Selleck Administrative Assistant to the Bishop (678) 533-1360   cselleck(at)ngumc.org 


R_Winn1North Georgia ConferenceGRFN_Logo1
Cabinet Rep To UMM 
Richard Winn
(770) 227-1074




North Georgia ConferenceNGUMM_Logo1United Methodist Men
Louis Johnson
(678) 657-5764 



UMMen Conference Leadership

The Leadership Council is the governing body of the United Methodist Men of the North Georgia Conference and made up of the following elected and/or appointed leaders:
District Presidents, Executive Committee, Retreats Committee,
all former Conference Presidents and
permanent or temporary position I committees
appointed by the leadership council.

During the UMMen Annual Business Meeting, the Leadership Council is expanded to include the President and one additional officer from each Local Fellowship.


UMMen District Presidents

Atlanta- College Park (ACPK)

Toney Griffin (E-mail) toney.griffin@ngcumm.org

Atlanta-Decatur-Oxford (ADOX)

James Mullins (E-mail) Jamesl_mullins@bellsouth.net

Atlanta-Emory (AMRY)

Todd Walker (E-mail) todd.walker@ngcumm.org

Atlanta-Marietta (AMAR)

James Ledoux (E-mail)  jamesledoux@mindspring.com

Atlanta-Roswell (AROS)

Marquis Ratliff (Email) marquis.ratliff@ngcumm.org

Athens-Elberton (ATHN)

Leon Jourolmon (E-mail) leon.jourolmon@ngcumm.org

Augusta (AGST)

Dick Miller (E-mail) richardwilma@bellsouth.net

Gainesville (GNSV) 

Co-Presidents:  Tommy Rainey (E-mail) tommy.rainey@ngcumm.org; William Vandegrift (Email) william.vandegrift@ngcumm.org; Terry May (Email) terry.may@ngcumm.org

Griffin (GRFN)

Terry Bizzell (E-mail) terry.bizzell@ngcumm.org

LaGrange (LAGR)

Alfred Berry (E-mail) alfredberry8891@yahoo.com

Northwest (NWST)

Royce Hughes (Email) royce.hughes@ngcumm.org; alternate Email – simplycountree@ellijay.com

Rome-Carrollton (ROCA)

Nolen Eastman (Email) nolen.eastham@ngcumm.org

Executive Committee (2017-2019)


Louis Johnson (E-mail) louis.johnson@ngcumm.org

Vice President – Conference Affairs and Administration

John Holley (E-mail) john.holley@ngcumm.org

Vice President – Membership, Charter and Organization

Howard Turnipseed (E-mail) howard.turnipseed@ngcumm.org

Vice President – Activities and Retreats



Warren Head (E-mail) warren.head@ngcumm.org


Leon Jourolmon (E-mail) leon.jourolmon@ngcumm.org

Director – Evangelism

James Jones (E-mail) james.jones@ngcumm.org

Director – Spiritual Development

Terry Stueck (Email) terry.stueck@ngcumm.org

Prayer Advocate

Tim McCray (E-mail) tim. mccray@ngcumm. org

Hunger Advocate –

Jasper Russell (E-mail) jasper.russelll@ngcumm.org

Director -Missions


Director – Disaster Response

Mike Yoder (E-mail) mike.yoder@ngcumm.org

Director – Prison Ministries

John Hughes (E-mail) john.hughes@ngcumm.org

Director – Scouting Ministry

Coordinator,  Chris Karabinos (Email) chriskarabinos@comcast.net

Director – Leadership Development

Terry Bizell (E-mail) terry.bizzell@ngcumm.org

Director – Communications

Ike Moore (Email) ike.moore@ngcumm.org

Retreats Committee Chairman (2015)


Immediate Past Conference President

Cary Loesing (E-mail) cary.loesing@ngcumm.org

Spring Golf Outing Coordinator

Larry Delbridge (Email) larrydelbridge@gmail.com

Cabinet Advisor North Georgia Conference

Rev. Richard Winn (E-mail) richard.winn@ngcumm.org